The project acts as a permanent companion and witnesses the stages of early adulthood in my surroundings. It presents the obstacles as well as the beautiful moments we face during that important period of development. While some of the difficulties were lived through by other generations before us, some of the biggest ones were caused by them and are constantly putting extra weight on our future and present lives. The series highlights the struggle with identity, sexual orientation, mental health, religion, environment, relationships of all kind and how we manage to live in the moment while permanently having all these in the back of our minds. It pays homage to a time where we create so many important and formative memories while also shaping the path for our later selves. The pictures capture the ease in situations where we forget everything else, show moments of intimacy and all together form the impression of a jaunty youth. They represent the idea of a carefree time, simulate fun and lightheartedness while each image deals with a certain topic, in which the aesthetic acts like a filter through which the seriousness is concealed.
Analog Photography